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Tag: Decay

On destruction

TheThingAboutSERIES: It is difficult at the best of times to plan ahead. Why cater for the possibility that something which functions well at the moment might, with time, breakdown? What an onerous undertaking. But that attitude is the very basis on which ideals and assets deteriorate – through neglect and a failure to maintain and manage their integrity. Any urgent crisis must, of course, be addressed but they are best avoided by relentlessly acting to ensure those things that work retain their strength.

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Johannesburg’s pothole misery

FEATURE: In late 2011 I documented on Twitter a wide range of potholes as well as other examples of municipal infrastructure decay in Johannesburg. Today, some five months later, I returned and had a look to see if any of them had been dealt with. I am sure anyone who lives in Johannesburg will be able to guess what I found. Read on for a short photographic tour of neglect and deterioration.

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