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Inside Politics wins Best Political Blog

InsidePoliticsThank you to everyone who voted. Inside Politics won best political blog for 2012. Congratulations to all the winners. Hopefully, in 2013, I can raise the bar somewhat. I have a range of interesting ideas for the year ahead and, I hope, some pieces which can get a few meaningful debates going. In the meantime, if you are visiting the blog for the first time, welcome. You can follow Inside Politics by e-mail simply by going to the bottom of the page and filling in your address. (When you confirm it, you will receive an e-mail the moment any new post is loaded to the site.) Alternatively, you can follow Inside Politics on Twitter here:

or me, here:

2012 had some had some great highlights, check out the Key Pieces tab for more. (Everything from how much Jacob Zuma costs the public to a defence of the Spear and Freedom of Speech). And, along with that, I hope, some helpful pieces on key liberal ideas and what they mean. Until 2013, thank you again.

Vote for Inside Politics as Best Political Blog

SA Blog Awards Badge I have entered Inside Politics in the 2012 South African Blog Awards, in the category ‘Best Political Blog’. The award-winners are announced on 31 December 2012. Prior to that, there is a public voting phase, which runs from 19 December (today) until 28 December, were after three finalists in each category will be determined and ranked first, second and third by a panel of judges. So, if you like Inside Politics, please vote for it. To vote, click on the badge. You get one vote. When you click on the badge, you will be taken to the SA Blog Awards page, where Inside Politics will be automatically selected. When you enter your vote, you will be sent a confirmation email which, importantly, you must respond to for your vote to be registered. So, if you like Inside Politics, vote for it by clicking on the badge above and, if for some strange reason you really feel strongly about it, tell your friends. Thank you. Gareth

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