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How the WC Office of the Premier scored best in PSC report

FEATURE: The Public Service Commission recently published a report assessing the performance of the nine Offices of the Premier. The only Office of the Premier not run by the ANC – in the Western Cape – came out on top. What follows is a summary of that report and a more detailed look at how the DA-run Western Cape Office of the Premier faired. There is some critical information in this article and some invaluable statistics. All in all, further proof that, where the DA governs, it delivers better services than the ANC, to more people.

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More than 1 in 3 calls to SAPS police stations go unanswered

FEATURE: There are 1 116 police stations listed on the South African Police Services website. For each police station listed there is a telephone number. But do they work? And, if they do work, are they answered? In an attempt to find out, I phoned all 1 116. What follows is a summary of what I found, plus a list of every number called. The results suggest there is a profound problem and, if it’s a quick response you are looking for in an emergency – your chances of getting one aren’t too good.

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