On the Couch: Mmusi Maimane

by The Editor

VIDEO SERIES: Every now and then Inside Politics will get a key political roleplayer ‘on the couch’, to talk about the politics behind politics – essentially, a conversation about the mechanics of current affairs and the kind of developments and issues that don’t always make it into the mainstream media. We start with a discussion with DA National Spokesperson Mmusi Maimane about the state of South Africa’s media.

On the Couch
Mmusi Maimane

In this edition of On the Couch, we talk to DA National Spokesperson Mmsui Maimane about the state of South Africa’s media and the proposed Media Appeals Tribunal. Has the ANC’s proposal achieved some good, if only because it has forced the media to introspect? And is the media overly critical or is the ANC responsible for its own bad press?


For those of you interested, you can read the DA’s recent submission to the Press Freedom Commission Public Hearing’s here.