TARGET MIDVAAL: Postscript: Is the ANC trying to absorb Midvaal into a metro?

by The Editor

POSTSCRIPT: In response to yesterday’s blog, which argued the SIU investigation into Midvaal is biased a reader sent me a story from a community newspaper in Gauteng. If true, it suggests that the ANC has lodged two proposals with the Demarcations Board, to have Midvaal absorbed into what would be an ANC-run metro. Is this the ANC’s latest attempt to circumvent the result of a democratic election?

TARGET MIDVAAL: Postscript: Is the ANC trying to absorb Midvaal into a metro?

By: Gareth van Onselen

10 May 2012

I was sent today by a reader the recent article that follows below. It is from the local paper, Vaalweekblad.

It reports that the ANC has lodged with the Demarcations Board two proposals that Midvaal be absorbed into other councils in the province, in order to form a metro. It suggests that, if this would happen, not only would Midvaal cease to exist as an entity but control over the area would revert to the ANC which controls the other municipalities included in the proposal.

I cannot speak to the viability of the proposal, but it certainly suggests yet another attempt on the part of the ANC to use any and all methods either to undermine Midvaal or bring it under the ANC’s control. And further proof that the result of a democratic election is simply unacceptable to the ANC.

Where this happen, you can be sure Midvaal’s record of excellence would also be brought to an end.

Here is the article in question:

Vaalweekblad, 9-11 May 2012, Pg 7

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